Goodyear Eagle GT Tires

Looking for some Goodyear Eagle GT tires?  Goodyear Eagle GT tires are some great tires to pick up if you’re looking to get all season tires that give you good handling and also look good.  These are considered sporty tires and are quite a popular brand to pick up if that’s what you’re into.

However, when looking for Goodyear Eagle GT tires, you need to know exactly what you’re out looking for as there are many types of these tires and you are going to want to get ones that are specifically to your liking and/or needs.  To help you out there, here is a look at what you can pick up:

  1. Goodyear EAGLE GT Tire – 235/45ZR17 94W SL BSW

Here’s one option found over at Sears for $137.74.  This set of tires will give you good handling and some nice dry grip.  The enhanced traction that comes with these all season tires will help you confidently navigate both wet and snowy conditions on the road.

These tires also have a set of grooves around the circumference of the tires that help evacuate water away from the surface so that more of the tire comes into contact with the road, this leads to better traction.

Finally, you’ve got TRdLock technology here which gives the tires biting edges for better traction in wet conditions and for better grip when making turns.

  1. Goodyear EAGLE GT Tire – 215/60R15 94V SL BSW

Not everyone needs the same sized tires and for those who need smaller tires, they can pick these ones up for $80.71 per tire.

Now as far as the reviews of these tires in general, they have gotten a 3.7/5 average from 9 customer reviewers on the 1010Tires website online which is a pretty popular online tire site.

1 reviewer there has highly recommended these tires stating that they put 75,000 miles on them and that they still have 3-4 tread left, so apparently they are quite resilient.

Another reviewer mentions that the tire has a great tread pattern and that it handles great in rainy and dry conditions.  This same reviewer mentions that there is a little bit of road noise with the tire, however it isn’t anything too loud, he nevertheless highly recommends this tire also.

In the end the decision is going to be yours, however Goodyear Eagle GT tires are definitely going to be a choice to consider if you value longevity in your tires.  Do search around more before you make your final decision though.

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